I design beautiful, engaging brands

Logo and brand design

Logo design

I take a design-first approach to logo design, and believe that a strong and lasting logo is the first step to clear and compelling communication. Through a detailed process of research and discovery, I dive deep into each project in order to understand what your brand stands for. These findings result in a clear concept tailored to meet your audience.

Brand identity

A brand isn’t just a logo or a tagline, it’s everything about your business, product or service. I create branding, including logo, identity, style and positioning for your business. The brands I have created are applied across a wide range of channels. The knowledge and experience across these platforms, as well as my detailed approach to brand creation, give clients the guidance needed to achieve consistency across their brand.

Your design solution

Working to create a tailored design solution for your business or enterprise, I design with a focus on the user - your clients. I understand a piece of design should not only look great but importantly work for your brand - creating unique branding and web design experiences.